Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:

This document explains the terms and conditions on which tuitionvalley provides their services. By using the website or our services or registering with us, you are confirming that you agree to the below terms and conditions. So please take time to read and understand them:

  1. The website and our services are provided to help individuals and families access private tuition, and to help private tutors to offer their services to such individuals and families.

  2. We only helps in sharing the verified contact details of tutors, we are not Liable or responsible for any poor grades or result. By registering you hereby agree to release tuitionvalley.com from all claims arising from such activity.

  3. Tutee and tutor are responsible to set all matters relating to time, location and duration of lessons between themselves, tuitionvalley will not be engaged or responsible for any of such activity.

  4. For tutor we can verify your details through social media (face book) or any other resource.

  5. We do not sell trade or otherwise transfer your personal identifiable information to outside parties unless it is required for any legal action.

  6. There are no charges for free membership/registration however to become premium tutor or client you need to register by paying a minimal tuition fee.

  7. You must notify us within 72 hours of initial contact with your chosen Tutor if you experience a problem scheduling a lesson with him or her, so that we can provide you with the contact details of a substitute Tutor.

  8. We want our users to contact with genuine persons with valid contact details, so you are requested to provide your correct contact and other indefinable details.

  9. If any irrelevant or wrong activity is found performed by any of the party, his/her registration will be cancelled immediately.

  10. We reserve the right not to register any party without giving any clarification.

  11. Contact details of any of the party (tutor or client) will not be open to view, to get contact details of particular tutor/client you need to make a personal request with us.  

  12. Student with premium membership can see the details of the tutors immediately. However there is a limit of 10-full profile view per month.

  13. Tutors with premium membership can apply on any open tuition if they find it in their interest. However tutor can apply on 15-posts at a time.

  14. Student, parents and guardians acknowledge that it is his/her responsibility to check the knowledge and expertise of tutor assigned to them before signing any contract.

  15. All jobs posted on our website will be forwarded to us by recruiting agencies or school/institute their self, so incase of any wrong post or fraudulent activity we are not responsible.

  16. Tutors are required to become a premium member before applying on any open post.

  17. Registration charges may vary from time-to-time

  18. Tuitionvalley will charge 50% of first month tuition fee of every successful tuition.  

  19. We do not guarantee to provide tuition to every tutor, as to maintain the quality results we will share the best matched details with parents.

  20. You hereby confirm that you are not less than eighteen years of age. Any person seeking to use the Website or our Services who is less than eighteen years of age must arrange for a parent or guardian to register with us on their behalf and that parent or guardian shall be the Tutee for the purposes of these Terms.

  21. You are responsible for verifying the Credentials of the Tutor with whom you enter into or propose to enter into a contract for tuition services.

  22. Before we provide your contact details to Tutor's, we will have undertaken a suitability assessment of that Tutor which includes collecting copies of certain basic information submitted by the Tutor in relation to their identity, experience, training, qualifications But due to the number of Tutors using our Services, it is not reasonably practicable for us to check all the Credentials of each Tutor on your behalf, and we cannot do so. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the information submitted by the Tutor is accurate.

  23. We require tutors to present you with an original photographic identity document or their qualifications as claimed on their tutor profile at your first Tuition Arrangement and we recommend that you ask to see this in any event.

  24. You accept that your contract for tuition services is with the Tutor and not with us. We are not a party to such a contract and are not responsible for the performance of any obligations agreed or impliedly agreed through actions between yourself and the Tutor (including, but not limited to, the arrangements you make to enable your Tutor to teach the Tutee, such as leaving the Tutee in the sole care of the Tutor).

  25. Before we supply your contact details to Tutor's, you may be required to submit and confirm information in relation to yourself, your tuition requirements and the terms on which you would be prepared to engage a Tutor to provide tuition services. You agree to supply such information and consent to it being shared with potential Tutors.

  26. The personal well-being of all Tutees is paramount, Tutees under the age of 18 should not be left in the sole care of the Tutor, and a parent or guardian must always be present for the duration of a tuition session irrespective of where the tuition is delivered.

  27. Tutees over the age of 18 should inform a friend or relative of his / her tuition plans, including the provision to a friend or relative of the name of the tutor, times of tuition and the location that the tuition is to be provided at.

  28. Whilst we expect all Tutors to provide a learning environment that is suitable for the provision of a Tuition Arrangement, we cannot be held liable if a Tutor's own venue does not meet with your expectations.

  29. The website also contains information about schools/institutes and education related organizations. These may be for information or marketing purpose.

  30. For any miss-communication or misconduct by tutor you should inform us within 7 days, so that we can take appropriate measure against tutor.

  31. Tuitionvalley.com reserves the right to cancel the registration of any member without any notice.

  32. Members acknowledge that tuitionvalley.com is not liable for direct or indirect consequential or any other form of loss or damage that may be suffered through the use of website including loss of data or information or any kind of financial or physical loss or damage.

  33. Tuitionvalley.com does not guarantee on behalf of tuition for fixing up tuition fees.

For Tutor, the following statements in addition to the above apply to you.

  1. Registering over tuitionvalley.com you are accepting that you are above 14 years of age and on request you can present any authentic document that matches with the DOB provided over registration form.

  2. You are not be requested to share your education or verification document via post and we are not responsible for any lost/miss-handling case that goes with your documents. However we can ask you to submit or upload scan copies.

  3. You are liable to pay tax on your teaching income as per the law of your country, we are not responsible to deduct or show statement on your behalf in ministry or tax collection office. You shall accept full responsibility for the Fee quoted to tutee. You are responsible to collect all the tuition fees from your client If any wrong or cheating act done by any of the party during this transaction we are not bound to pay any type of reimbursement.

  4. In responding to feedback from Tutees posted on the Website, you shall not be personally abusive about a Tutee or anyone else.

  5. If you find any miss-leading feedback by tutee or client, you can raise your case with us by providing sufficient proof.

  6. You acknowledge that we retain the right to remove or edit feedback where we see in-appropriate cases.

  7. We shall be entitled to charge you a cancellation fee or cancel your membership for life-time in the event that you do not full-fill the Tuition Agreement with a Tutee.

  8. We shall also be entitled to charge you a cancellation fee in the event that your Tutee contacts us to let us know that your Credentials are unsatisfactory.

  9. In the event that a Tutee contacts us to request a refund, we will ask them to provide a solid reason for the refund. After getting all the details from tutee you as a tutor are requested to respond to this feedback within 5 days of the complaint being launched, If ion the case you do not replied or answer the complaint we shall assume the Tutee is correct and you will be charged with a cancellation fee which equates to the full cost of refunding the Tutee or registration cancellation.

  10. You acknowledge that you are not an employee of ours or any of our affiliated companies and you accepts full responsibility for all Income Tax, National Insurance and other taxation or employment-related responsibilities arising in connection with your involvement in any Tuition Arrangement.

  11. You acknowledge that your tutor profile and some details entered by you on the Website will be publicly visible and may appear in search engine results.

  12. You agree not to publish or disclose to others the market information that we make available to you

  13. You agree not to share your login details for the Premium Tutor Service with others.

  14. After applying on a post if you do not contact with tutee within 24-hours we will assign another tutor with taking I in your notice.


You should be aware that the above given terms and conditions may very time to time. Further you must ensure that email address, phone numbers and other contact details we hold for you are kept up-to-date.

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